Email Marketing For Leads

Initial Challenges 

? The email list we had for this client was at least 8 months old

? The list was unengaged and the client had not sent an email to the list in six months

? The client did not have any valuable content that could have been used to nurture the leads

? The open rate for the past emails averaged less than one percent

Our Strategy

- We had 12k emails on this list for our client that wasn’t producing any results. The open rate was less than 1% and the click-through rate was close to zero

- We quickly identified that the email list wasn’t responsive and needed to be cleaned before creating a full email campaign. But at the same time, we didn’t want to throw out emails from the list based on the previous data and wanted to run a few tests

- With this purpose in mind, we created a new lead magnet (how to get more reviews on Google and Avvo), which was then connected to a webinar and a done-for-you service to get more reviews

- In the coming months, we continued this email sequence for new people who were added to the list and created other valuable content for people who were engaged previously

The Results

- Before sending this out, we prepared the audience for a BIG surprise and sent out an email with a hint to the surprise and free content – offering value in advance. The open rate on that single email jumped to 17% and we received replies from people asking for more info

- After 24 hours, we launched a 5 part email sequence based on the lead magnet we had created and we bagged 1,339 leads – people who downloaded the guide on how to get more reviews

- Right after that, we launched a webinar email sequence and got over 150 people signed up for the webinar. And with the webinar follow up sequence, we were able to sell the done-for-you service to 16 lawyers. Boom!

- Based on the response, we added 23 more emails to the top of the funnel and started sending emails every day to unengaged users. At the end of the 2nd month, we were able to generate 3,400 more leads (people who downloaded the guide) and sold done-for-you service to 21 more lawyers

- After 2 months, we cleaned the list and by removing emails who had not opened any of our emails

- After 6 months of working with this client, our average open rate is 23% and CTR 10.4% (some of the emails don’t have a CTA, just the valuable info)

LinkedIn Message Sequences For Leads

Initial Challenges 

? The client needed to jump start a new lead gen channel 

? The client needed a way to build high quality organic leads

? The client didn't have clean copy or an existing system for LinkedIn

? The client kept hitting weekly connection limits

Our Strategy

- We used our automations to invite our clients target market to connect

- We were able to use our secret strategy to avoid the weekly connection limit

- Each person that accepted the connection received two messages. One was to explain the clients service and then a follow up message. 

The Results

- We had an average CTA conversion of 3%

- Booked 1st demo on the 2nd day of the campaign

- Generated 9 demos the first month and 14 leads

Email Campaign To Generate Reviews

Initial Challenges 

? We had two un-engaged email lists

? The customer email list had 13K contacts and Leads email list had only 1,500 contacts.

? People on both the lists had not received an email in 10 months.

? There was no email automation set up in the place

? The client wanted immediate results.

Our Strategy

- Based on the number of contacts in the customer email list, we decided to use that first.

- Now, these people had already used our client’s services, and most of the time, it is a one-time service. So these people couldn’t be repeat buyers

- With this in mind, we decided to use the customer email list to get more reviews for our client on Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot.

- We created a Review Email Sequence and started sending it out in batches.

The Results

- We launched the Review Email Sequence to 5,000 contacts initially.

- Within the first 24 hours, we got 54 new, unsolicited, genuine reviews on Google alone!

- We bagged 19 reviews on Yelp and Trustpilot in the first 24 hours. Boom!
- The results didn’t slow down until the 3rd day, and we got over a hundred reviews in total with just one email.

- Email open rate on the first email was 35% along with a CTR of 7.21%

- We didn’t stop there and had automation in place.

- People who had opened the email but didn’t review were sent a follow-up email

- The contacts who had not opened the email at all were sent a separate email follow up.

- The email open rate on the 2nd email was 68.09% with 8.04% CTR.

- People who had opened the email clicked the links, and didn’t submit the review were followed up with a separate email

- By the end of our Review Email Sequence, we bagged 159 reviews in total on Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot.

FaceBook Ad Campaign To Generate Leads

Initial Challenges 

? The client had spent over 5K with no real data or results

? We only had 3 months initially to produce real results

? The client did not have any lead magnets

? There were no landing pages in place

? All the previous campaigns were turned off in a way that we couldn’t leverage those results

Our Strategy

- We started off with an in-depth audit of the ad account and the website

- Identified that in order to achieve real results we need to have a lead magnet

- We worked with the client to come up with a suitable lead magnet

- Then we started running that lead magnet using Lead Ads

- Despite tremendous results in the first month, we were not satisfied with the Lead Quality

- We build 2 different landing pages and started testing them

- Using new ads creatives were also part of our strategy

The Results

- The results skyrocketed in the very first month

- CPL from Lead Ads was below £0.50

- The conversion rate of leads to subscriptions wasn’t that great initially

- The client was still happy as new customers were coming in from Email marketing

- After we launched the landing pages, the CPL went up a little

- However, the conversion rate skyrocketed this time and the client was converting at a better rate

- Within the first 2.5 months, we generated over 1,200 leads

- And the client was able to convert 192 leads into subscription-based customers.

100 Leads In 3 Months

Initial Challenges 

? To get high-ticked agency leads within a limited advertising budget and without the help of any past data.

Our Strategy

To achieve the numbers we were looking for, we:

 - Built a new funnel from scratch.

 - Focused on cold audiences (due to a lack of past data).
 - Kick started a CBO campaign with at least 3 ad sets.

 - Started off with substantially large audiences, giving Facebook more room to optimize for the best results.

 - Continually tested multiple new creatives and ad copies designed to appeal to potential customers.

 - Conducted 4 weeks of rigorous RFT testing.

The Results

- Managed to reel in 106 leads.

 - Achieved a minimal Cost Per lead of $47, with a total ad spend of $5,017.