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How To Run An Effective Digital Ad

Ads are extremely important for any business and digital ads are by far the most powerful. If you aren't sure where to run digital ads: some options are Google Business, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Spotify, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Twitter. It's much easier for a business selling a physical product to convert from ads but, that doesnt mean other business models should ignore running ads. Facebook ads are apart of your businesses funnel so, even if they don't produce sales from the first try, they build awareness and engagement. Our team at SocialBloom has created a guide to show you how you can start running effective ads.


The actual visible content of ads are often overlooked. We suggest you include these three necessary visuals to improve your ads results.

  1. Add your Logo, name, or some sort of visual representation that your audience recognizes you by. You want to add it on every ad. The goal of this tactic is to eventually have people see this visual and automatically know what you do and how you add value. That way, you eventually don't have to add a ton of words explaing what your company does.
  2. Add actionable keywords. Don't add sentences to the visual part of your ad, save that for your caption. Instead, add titles of your product or services and include a final phrase directing viewers to check them out. For example, if you sell shoes- add keywords like comfortable, effective, and stlyish. Then add a final text like "Recieve Discounts Today". These keywords sell a feeling and the final text entices viewers to take the next step.
  3. Add a photo of product or service for the background. This may sound basic but, it's not. You want to make sure the photo represents your companies vibe. If you sell physical products, use a photo of a single product being used. The viewer always imagines themself in the photo using the product. If you sell a service, use a photo of a final product. 

Setting Up The Ad

Most platforms that businesses can advertise from, allow you to target a certain demographic. Make sure to use keywords that match your businesses vibes and values. if you sell athletic clothing, add keywords like fitness, running, and lifting. Also, add competiting businesses names to target people who are already buying similar items. Be sure to include the area of which most of your customers are from.


The caption is probably one of the most important parts. You want to make sure your caption explains your product and also directs viewers to a place they can buy and sign up. The issue is, most platforms set a letter count limit. So, SocialBloom suggests writing out a paragraph you'd like to use and then slimming it down (while keeping the main points) to fit the limit. For example, let's say you own a local pizza joint, named Pizza Heaven, add something like- "Delicious mouth watering pizza from Pizza Heaven is only a click away. Order now and we'll fire the oven up". This caption sells a descriptive idea and provides an action to order. You can then link a landing page for viewers to order with ease.

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