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Rochester, Minnesota Businesses being Forced into a Digital World.

Our team at SocialBloom works with businesses all across the globe but, we work out of Rochester, Minnesota. We love working and helping businesses in Rochester because that's our hometown community. We initially wanted to write this specific post to inform Rochester businesses but, the info also applies to any local business.

For the first time in quite a while, businesses were forced to suddenly adapt to new rules due to Covid-19. I'm sure many local businesses, even in Rochester, wont re-open after the shutdown is lifted. But, those that do, will realize the importance of the internet more than ever. I personally believe 10 years from now, the way businesses and local businesses will use the internet will sound absolutely crazy to us currently in 2020. The internet is like a whole universe at your finger tips and there are endless opportunities for businesses, especially in Rochester, to gain more customers and profit. But, only few know how to utilize and enact these opportunities. The reason my team and I are so confident in marketing through social media and our techniques is because we've seen incredible results. I first started using these techniques at my old job as a recruiter and then mastered them within a year. They helped me reach the #2 recruiter spot in the company in 2020 but, I realized they work for any types of businesses also. Once I implemented these techniques and plans in other businesses, they've profited over a quarter million dollars for them in a matter of months. I've decided to give some tips to help businesses, especially in Rochester, with digital marketing. 

If you own a business or if you're a sales professional, you need to have your name, products, and services everywhere you possibly can online. Having a business in Rochester, Minnesota is great because the Mayo Clinic attracts so many people but, you wont reach them without digital marketing. 

  1. Start by creating a website, Facebook, and Instagram. If you don't have time or you don't know how, contact us and just ask. 
  2.  Provide content and engage with audience. At first, you'll probably have no followers or an audience- give content anyways because it's the only way you're gonna build your audience and followers. 
  3.  Make it easy for people to spend their money for your services or products. Everyone knows you can sell products and services off of a website but, always list them on social media also. It will improve SEO and you'll profit more. Even if you can't sell your product or service through any aspect of the internet, just having a presence statistically gains you more profit. I once heard a business owner say "People are lazy so they don't want to come in and buy our products". People aren't getting more lazy, technology is just getting smarter. People order groceries off of their Alexa or google home because it's easier than and taking an hour to shop. 
  4.  Let people know updates about your business. You can make as many changes in your business to try and attract more customers but, if no one is aware you're not benefitting yourself as much as you think. Create content that explains and notifies your audience about recent changes. For example, any new improvements on cleanliness or preventions of Covid-19.
  5. Document your work. You don't have to have a photo studio or set video/ad. People love to see the raw work and behind the scenes. Just document your day to day work. Next time you're completing a service or using your product, take a quick video of you talking about it.
  6. Jab, jab, right hook. If you listen to Gary Vaynerchuk, you may already know this one. We're not implying to fight your customers and clients. This means, not all of your businesses digital content has to be about asking for the sale. In fact, most of your content shouldn't be. The secret key that few know about in digital marketing is- give more than you ask. In other words, give, give, ask. For example, if you are run a dental office as a private practitioner, post helpful content on how to keep your teeth healthy. 
  7.  Last but not least, gain new customers by targeting new residents in your location. This is especially important for local businesses in Rochester, Minnesota. Rochester has seen a population growth of about 11% in the last ten years which is way above average for a Midwest city of our size. These new residents have needs and wants too and truth is they are going to find stores and services and become returning customers. Once that happens, it's much harder to swing them over to your business. Before searching businesses online, new residents would buy products and services from the nearest business. Today, they look towards Google. The more content you provide online, the higher you show up on Google. 

Ultimately, content is king. Here at SocialBloom, we understand business owners are busy all the time. So, we offer services to help your business adapt with the ever changing world of social media and the internet. No matter the size, location, product, or service your business provides- SocialBloom is here to help. Contact us with any question you have and we'll help. 


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