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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing a service or product online. But, there is so much more that goes into it. There is marketing through email, text, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google, Bing, your website, blogs, and more. And within each of these platforms, comes content, ads, and funnels. Each of these platforms are simply pieces to spread awareness so viewers can be directed to your website. But, now most of these platforms offer setups to sell your products/services also. Google even gives you a website. You may think that with all these platforms giving you so much brand awareness, that gaining clients online is easy. It isn't. It takes massive amounts of time to effectively generate sales online. That's because it's so competitive. Even if you sell a product that no one else does, you still need an excellent SEO to be found. It makes sense that generating sales online is hard because having your business online gains access to 3 billion people. So, you also have a lot of competition. The great thing is, digital marketing is a gold mine with the right tactics. You also don't have to be a fortune 500 company to hit gold either. You just need to be updated with algorithms, insights, and trends. We offer an informational blog to help update you on these changes. Digital marketing changes daily as new tools are published. If you aren't changing your campaigns with these digital changes, you'll be hurting your profits. That's one of the great things about digital marketing. When a new tool is published or there is algorithm change, no business has an advantage over others. You can only gain advantage if you work with the changes earlier than others and that's why keeping up with these updates is so important. Even if you don't have a large advertising budget, there are ways you can still reach people to sell your products and services without breaking the bank. Visit our blog to learn more digital marketing tips and how your business can improve your digital presence for free.